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The HNT Rear Bumper is designed to carry the High-N-Tight design ethos of our HNT series bumpers to the rear of the Bronco maintaining as much ground clearance and departure angle as possible.

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  • High-N-Tight Design Ethos
  • 3/16″ steel backbone for structural strength
  • 1/8″ steel bumper shell for light weight
  • Integrated recovery shackle mounts
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


The HNT Rear Bumper is designed to carry the High-N-Tight design ethos of our HNT series bumpers to the rear of the Bronco maintaining as much ground clearance and departure angle as possible. The HNT Rear Bumper tucks up as tightly as possible to the body of the Bronco to help it sneak past rocks and obstacles on the tightest trails. The bumper has an oversized spare tire recess to accommodate swing-gate mounted spare tires up to 40″ in diameter. Extreme duty recovery shackle tabs are integrated into the beefy frame mounts.

In addition to high clearance, we’ve worked to achieve the lightest weight and lowest center of gravity possible. We achieved that by using 1/8-inch thick plate steel for the bumper’s outer shell. This is thicker material than the factory Modular steel bumper, but lighter weight than most heavy aftermarket bumpers which are made of thicker plate. But we did provide the beef where it counts, as the bumper shell mounts over our beefy Frame Brackets, which are made of 3/16″ thick plate steel. These components provide the structural rigidity required to support the bumper as well as the bumper’s Recovery Tabs. They also incorporate Outrigger Braces for the bumper shell. The weight of this beefy under-structure is concentrated where it is needed, and absent where it would be a waste.

The 1″ thick CNC machined Extreme Duty Recovery Tabs are fully incorporated into the beefy structure of the Frame Brackets and protrude through CNC laser-cut slots in the Bumper Shell. These Recovery Tabs accept standard heavy duty D-ring shackles and soft shackles, and are fully boxed and braced to handle the most severe recovery duty. The Bumper Shell’s outboard cut-outs are filled with removable CNC laser-cut mesh panels that may be painted a contrasting color by the end-user, if desired. The HNT Rear Bumper is designed to be fully compatible with parking sensors. When ordering choose between parking sensor mounts or parking sensor delete plugs from the options above, according to how your Bronco is equipped.

The HNT Rear Bumper is made entirely of 1/8″ and 3/16″ thick mild steel plate, CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed, and professionally fixture welded for a consistent fit and finish. Premium hardware and detailed installation instructions are included. HNT Rear Bumper comes standard with a durable multi-stage light-textured black powder coat finish

Note that in the interest of designing the highest clearance rear bumper possible, there is no provision for mounting the license plate. The Lobo Off-Road Rear License Plate Mount or other aftermarket relocation mount will have to be used. Also note that the Lobo logo that is cut into the center of the step-well area is backed by a removable plate that comes powder coated in the same black finish as the bumper, for those who prefer the branding to not be prominent. For those who would like to customize it with an accent color or match the Bronco’s body color, the plate may be removed and painted or vinyl-wrapped prior to installation. We have done this in the images shown with the red WildTrak Bronco.


LOBO Off-Road’s proprietary High-N-Tight Design Ethos guides the product development of this and every component in our HNT Series. The HNT Ethos strives to tuck every facet of the bumper, slider, skid or component as close as possible to the vehicle components it protects, in order to yield the maximum clearance possible to slip past the tightest obstacles. While HNT Series components are built to take a hit if necessary, they are designed to minimize the risk of contact in the first place. HNT design language also incorporates low-drag surfaces with ramp angles and facets for guiding the vehicle up and over obstacles when contact is made, rather than hanging up on sharp corners and protrusions. While the HNT Design Ethos is silent on the subject of aesthetics, we believe that adhering to the High-N-Tight philosophy has the unintended consequence of yielding the best looking armor products possible.

Additional information

Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 18 × 15 in
Sensor Config Park Sensor Mounts, Park Sensor Hole Plugs


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